We Hear From Readers About ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten’

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March 13, 2022. Once ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten’ was published, we were delighted to receive a number of photos and emails.  And we were able to meet in person with a few people. (For the original posting about the book, see https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/2022/02/19/new-book-no-soldier-buried-overseas-should-ever-be-forgotten/)

…Some of the feedback we’ve received….

PXL_20220221_163612516~3 Feb 21 2022 Brien Robertson with book photo by Moira

Brien Robertson reads the book.  (Photo credit: Moira Robertson)

Brien and Moira Robertson wrote “We received No Soldier… today and have been reading it ever since. Such a wonderful journey telling of your travels and memorializing those lost in the tragedy of wars. And here we go again, thinking about what could happen in Ukraine. Reading the book brings home the thought that all wars are really civil wars. Lives lost for nothing. Great job telling the story so not to forget those lost. We are proud to be your friends….

IMG_1581 Feb 18 2022 Mindy Patrick with Daria

Mindy Patrick and Daria with the book.  (Photo courtesy of Valkenburg family collection)

Mindy Patrick wanted a book for her father, a veteran who served in the US Coast Guard.

DSCN2378 Feb 22 2022 Don and Nora Coutts at North Bay Public Library

Don and Nora Coutts at the North Bay Public Library in Ontario. (Photo taken by Brad Jacobs)

Don Coutts, nephew of WW2 pilot Elmer Bagnall MUTTART, who is featured in the book, explained he ordered copies for himself and for the North Bay Public Library in North Bay, Ontario, where his wife Nora is Head of Children’s Services and Deputy CEO.

(See https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/2019/10/17/on-the-war-memorial-trail-the-presentations-at-hannemahuis-in-harlingen/ for comments made by Don during the presentation in The Netherlands in 2019 to honour his uncle and the crew of Halifax L9561.)

Alexander Tuinhout of the Missing Airmen Memorial Foundation: Original comment in Dutch: “…We hebben het boek “No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten” besteld en inmiddels ook al uit Canada ontvangen. Hoewel we nog geen tijd hebben gehad om alles te lezen is de eerste indruk voortreffelijk! Zo’n publicatie is een monument op zich en zeker een felicitatie waard!…

(English translation by Pieter: We ordered the book ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten’ and have already received it from Canada. Although we haven’t had time to read everything yet, the first impression is excellent! Such a publication is a monument in itself and certainly worth congratulating!…”)

The Missing Airmen Memorial Foundation organized the memorial panel to honour Elmer Bagnall MUTTART and the crew of Halifax L9561.  During the events in October 2019, Alexander gave a presentation on the crew and what happened on October 12, 1941.  You can watch part of his presentation in the documentary made about the events.

IMG_0360 Feb 23 2022 Henk Vincent

Henk Vincent, a volunteer at the Holten Cemetery Information Centre, with the book.  (Photo courtesy of H. Vincent)

The work done by the Holten Cemetery Information Centre to remember Canadian soldiers buried in the Canadian War Cemetery in Holten, The Netherlands is ongoing.  Pieter is one of the volunteers helping with photo wish lists for a digital archive.  (For more information on the Info Centre, see https://www.canadesebegraafplaatsholten.nl/en/home/)

IMG_6170 (1) Feb 25 2022 Alan McIvor

Alan McIvor, nephew of WW2 Flight Officer Joseph ‘Joe’ Charles McIver, wrote a book on his uncle’s service. (Photo courtesy of A. McIvor)

Alan McIvor wrote …Congratulations on your book, “NO SOLDIER BURIED OVERSEAS.”  Good work.  I am sure it was a labour of love but lots of work, research, writing and editing…

Alan’s uncle, WW2 Flight Officer Joseph ‘Joe’ Charles MCIVER of Kinkora, Prince Edward Island, was one of the names listed on the Cenotaph outside the Borden-Carleton Legion – the research project that launched this blog.

(See https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/2019/08/17/the-ww2-flight-officer-whose-plane-went-down-while-on-patrol-near-the-arctic-circle/)

CIMG5511 Feb 25 2022 Daria with Susan & Charlie

Daria visits with Susan and Charlie Choi. (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

Last fall, Charlie CHOI, who was 4 years old when the Korean War started in June 1950, shared his memories in a 3 part series.  If you missed these postings, please see:

CIMG5506 Feb 21 2022 Daria with Mary Ann Greiner

Daria with Mary Ann Greiner.  (Photo credit: Pieter Valkenburg)

Mary Ann Greiner has an abiding interest in military history. Pieter and I were able to meet with her and her husband Rick, a US army veteran.

20220303_202843 Mar 3 2022 John Davis photo by Susan

John Davis is the author of ‘Outside Time Looking In’, which features two alternative history stories.  (Photo credit: Susan Choi)

John Davis is the author of ‘Outside Time Looking In’, featuring two alternative history stories, and which I’ve read with great interest.  (See https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/john-davis/outside-time-looking-in/paperback/product-18rekkpk.html?page=1&pageSize=4)

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments and photos with themselves with the book, and for your support. Email Pieter at memorialtrail@gmail.com, comment on the blog, or tweet to @researchmemori1.

…Book trailer and website….

Thanks to the amazing talents of Wendy Nattress, who does the post-production editing for the On The War Memorial Trail YouTube Channel, we have a book website: see https://nosoldierforgotten.com/.  The website has a book description, preview pages, and ordering information.

Wendy also prepared a short book trailer…

…Want to follow our research?….

If you are reading this posting, but aren’t following the blog, you are welcome to do so.  See https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/ or email me at dariadv@yahoo.ca and ask for an invitation to the blog. 

goodreads-badge-add-plus-71eae69ca0307d077df66a58ec068898Daria’s book No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten is now available.  For more information see https://nosoldierforgotten.com/

You are also invited to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: On The War Memorial Trail With Pieter Valkenburg: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ591TyjSheOR-Cb_Gs_5Kw

© Daria Valkenburg

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