We Receive A 2023 PEI Heritage Recognition Award

May 15, 2023.  In February 2023, we received a letter saying that the Board of Governors of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation had selected us – Pieter and Daria Valkenburg – for a Heritage Recognition Award for our ‘powerful’ research project ‘On The War Memorial Trail’ .   (See https://www.peimuseum.ca/pieter-and-daria-valkenburg-heritage-recognition-award)

The Awards Ceremony was held on March 12, 2023 at Beaconsfield Carriage House in Charlottetown, with Lt Governor of PEI Antoinette Perry presenting the awards.

…The Awards Ceremony was attended by members of the Tryon & Area Historical Association….

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the ceremony.  Accepting the Award on our behalf were Arlene and Jack Sorensen (Chair) of the Tryon & Area Historical Society Inc., accompanied by Fran (Secretary) and Tom Albrecht also of Tryon.

Dr Matthew McRae, Executive Director of the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation was the Master of Ceremonies.

IMG_7914 Mar 12 2023 PEI Heritage Awards

Dr Matthew McRae announcing our award. (Photo credit: Fran Albrecht)


Image Courtesy of the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation


Image Courtesy of the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation

IMG_7919 Mar 12 2023 PEI Heritage Awards

Jack and Arlene Sorensen accepted the award on our behalf, presented by PEI Lt Governor Antoinette Perry.  (Photo credit: Fran Albrecht)

…We thanked the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation for the Heritage Recognition Award….

While we weren’t able to attend the ceremony, we thanked the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation and provided the following statement….

…We thank the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation for the Heritage Recognition Award.  We feel it honours each person whose story we have told in the ‘On The War Memorial Trail’ research project. 

Pieter began this research as his thanks to Canadian soldiers. He was born in The Netherlands during WWII, and has always said that ‘Allied soldiers not only liberated my birth country from a brutal occupation, but saved the Dutch people from starvation’.  Over 7,600 Canadian soldiers and airmen are buried in The Netherlands alone, a vivid reminder of the sacrifices made by so many. 

Over the years, as we’ve visited war cemeteries in other countries, and told the stories of many WWI and WWII service personnel, we are continually humbled by those who came before us….

Thank you to Jack and Arlene Sorensen for accepting the Heritage Recognition Award on our behalf, and to Fran Albrecht for taking the photos during the ceremony.

A huge thank you to those who nominated and supported us for this award, and to the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation for their championship of the history and heritage of Prince Edward Island.

We will continue to research and tell the stories of those who served.  If you have a story to tell, please let Pieter know. Email him at memorialtrail@gmail.com, comment on the blog, or tweet to @researchmemori1.

…Want to follow our research?….

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