On The War Memorial Trail…..A Photo For WWII Soldier Leonard Stephen Avery

December 17, 2022. When Pieter began researching the names on the Cenotaph outside the Borden-Carleton Legion in 2015, he hoped to put a face and story to each of the 48 names.  Over the years he’s researched each name, and we’ve told the story of each one, plus shared our visits made to the graves or memorials for many of them.

The Cenotaph Wall of Remembrance in the Borden-Carleton Legion, which displays the photos of the men listed on the Cenotaph, has empty frames for those photos still waiting to be found.

A few weeks ago a photo of WWI soldier James CAIRNS was submitted, ending a 7 year search.  (See https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/2022/12/04/on-the-war-memorial-trail-a-photo-for-wwi-soldier-james-cairns/)

…The 7 year search for a photo of WWII soldier Leonard Stephen Avery…

CIMG6065 Empty frame for Avery

Empty frame patiently awaiting a photo of WWII soldier Leonard Stephen Avery.  (Photo credit: Pieter Valkenburg)

Not long after the photo of James Cairns was sent, Pieter was overjoyed to receive a photo of WWII soldier Leonard Stephen AVERY, born March 20, 1924 in Bedeque to John Avery and Mary Ellen Arsenault. 

Leonard died accidentally in Ontario while on guard duty at the Chippewa Power Canal in Welland County on the evening of August 23, 1943.  For some unexplained reason, he was accidentally shot through the head while examining a rifle, causing a massive destruction of his brain and multiple skull fractures.  (See https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/2019/11/26/on-the-war-memorial-trail-the-ww2-soldier-who-was-accidentally-shot/)

No family came forward with a photo, and we thought perhaps the 7 year ongoing search would go on for many more years.  But then, we heard from Judie Klassen, who has helped with difficult searches in the past. 

…How a photo of Avery was found…

Judie wrote that “…I noticed a number of very recent postings on the Borden-Carleton Through the Years Facebook page that were from Mike Gaudet.  One discussion mentioned Lena Avery (Mrs. Gilbert Arsenault) who was Leonard’s aunt. It appears Lena got married the same day as her brother John and wife Mary (Leonard’s parents)….” 

Judie included a link to the Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1564604580644445&set=gm.5454416931343343&idorvanity=281593188625769

With this clue, Pieter contacted Mike Gaudet, who checked and did have a photo. Pieter asked Mike if he was a relative, and was told “….Not directly related.  The old albums I have came from a lady who died this year and whose mother was an Avery who married a Wedge...

The photo sent by Mike was of Leonard in uniform with a little girl on his lap.  Pieter realized that this was Leonard’s sister Ruby.

Avery from Mike Gaudet restoration Duane MacEwen

Leonard Stephen Avery with his sister Ruby.  (Photo courtesy of Mike Gaudet.  Photo restoration and colourization: Duane MacEwen)

Another 7 year search that has been successfully concluded!

…9 photos are still to be found for the names on the Cenotaph outside the Borden-Carleton Legion….

The photo of Leonard Stephen Avery is now on the Legion wall, and Pieter hopes that more of the empty frames will be filled over the coming year. “…Unfortunately, photos for 8 from WWI and 1 from WWII are still missing on the wall….” he said.  Can YOU help with this photo wish list?

Names still without faces from WWI

  • Leigh Hunt CAMERON, born in Albany
  • James Lymon CAMERON, born in Victoria
  • William Galen CAMPBELL, born in Wellington
  • Bazil CORMIER, born in Tignish
  • Joseph Arthur DESROCHES, born in Miscouche
  • Charles LOWTHER, born in North Carleton
  • Arthur Clinton ROBINSON, born in Tryon
  • Harry ROBINSON, born in Augustine Cove

Names still without faces from WWII

  • Ernest Ramey GALLANT, born in Borden

A huge thank you goes out to Mike Gaudet and to Judie Klassen for their help in obtaining a photo, and to Duane MacEwen for help in photo restoration. If you can help with the photo search request or have a story to tell, please let Pieter know. Email him at memorialtrail@gmail.com, comment on the blog, or send a tweet to @researchmemori1.   

…Want to follow our research?….

If you are reading this posting, but aren’t following the blog, you are welcome to do so.  See https://onthewarmemorialtrail.com/ or email me at dariadv@yahoo.ca and ask for an invitation to the blog. 

Front cover OnTheWarMememorialTrailinEuropeDaria’s book ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten‘ is available in print and e-book formats.  Net proceeds of book sales help support research costs and the cost of maintaining this blog. For more information on the book, please see https://nosoldierforgotten.com/

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© Daria Valkenburg

2 thoughts on “On The War Memorial Trail…..A Photo For WWII Soldier Leonard Stephen Avery

  1. This is amazing. I have had simular things happen to me. If we wait long enough and keep the conversation going something will show up!

    Geraldine and I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

    Let us hope things will be brighter this coming year.

    Thank you both for all the work you are doing.

    Maybe we will get together some time in the future. love to meet you both.

    All the best from both of us,



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