The Author Talk At Victoria Playhouse

20220811_142252_HDR Aug 10 2022 Daria at Author Talk in Victoria

Daria onstage at the Victoria Playhouse, talking about trying to find a cemetery in Rouen.  (Photo credit: Brenda Boudreau)

August 17, 2022. When Brenda Boudreau of the Victoria Historical Society invited us to participate in the Our Island Talks lecture series, we of course said yes.  That was back in the winter and August seemed such as long time away.  Time flew by quickly and before we knew it, the date appeared.

We didn’t know what to expect as so many people had attended previous presentations or had followed the stories over the years on this blog or in the County Line Courier newspaper.

So we were delighted to see many familiar faces in the audience and to meet new people in what turned out to be a successful and enjoyable experience. 

….CBC Radio Interview….

20220727_105505_HDR Jul 27 2022 Photo op at Victoria Playhouse Daria & Pieter by Brenda Boudreau

Photo op outside the Victoria Playhouse prior to the Author Talk. (Photo credit: Brenda Boudreau)

Matt Rainnie interviewed me for CBC PEI’s Mainstreet PEI program about the Author Talk at the Victoria Playhouse on August 11, 2022, part of the Our Island Talks Series. The interview about the book ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten’ aired August 5, 2022.  See

…The Author Talk allowed us to meet and greet…

Aug 11 2022 Victoria Playhouse Author Talk Presentation Slideshow

Here are photos of a few of the attendees.  We didn’t have a chance to catch everyone, unfortunately, but we would have liked to!

20220813_184440_HDR Aug 14 2022 Brenda Boudreau with book sent by herself

Brenda Boudreau with book. (Photo courtesy of Brenda Boudreau)

Brenda Boudreau, Past President of the Victoria Historical Society, has had two relatives featured on the blog – her great-uncle, WWI soldier Heath Ward MACQUARRIE (See and her father, Robert ‘Scott’ MACQUARRIE (See

CIMG5756 Aug 11 2022 Pieter with Sandra Bourque Author Talk Victoria

Sandra Bourque and Pieter at the Author Talk.  (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

The story of Sandra Bourque’s relative, WWII soldier Barney Reuben MCGUIGAN, who is buried in the Canadian War Cemetery in Groesbeek, The Netherlands, was previously told on this blog.  (See

CIMG5748 Aug 7 2022 Estelle and George Dalton with book

Estelle and George Dalton with the book prior to the Author Talk.  (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

George Dalton had bought a book for himself and one to present to a sculptor restoring a WW1 memorial in Summerside. Some of the soldiers listed on the memorial have their stories told in the book. (See

CIMG5757 Aug 11 2022 Mario Henry with book

Mario Henry with book.  (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

Mario Henry was recently featured as the veteran who rescued the photo of WWI soldier Lloyd Clifford SHORTLIFF of Nova Scotia.  (See

Pieter with Betty Jeffery photo from Brenda

Betty Jeffery with Pieter.  (Photo credit: Brenda Boudreau)

We had not previously met Betty Jeffery, whose relative, WWI soldier Joseph Arthur DESROCHES, is buried at Ligny Saint-Flochel British Cemetery in France. We’d visited his grave in 2017 and his story is told in the book.  Up to now, however, no one has been able to find a photo of him. (See

20220811_152928_HDR Aug 11 2022 Daria with Duane and Anne MacEwen with book

Daria with Duane and Ann MacEwen. (Photo credit: Brenda Boudreau)

Duane MacEwen, Past President of PEI Command, Royal Canadian Legion, and his wife Ann, were featured in a story about the luncheon hosted for Korean War Veterans in 2021. (See

Duane was also part of the delegation present when the Dutch embassy presented Her Honour The Honourable Antoinette Perry, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, with a box of tulips at a special event at Province House in 2019. (See

Thank you to Brenda Boudreau of the Victoria Historical Society, and to Emily and Pat Smith of the Victoria Playhouse for inviting us to participate in the Our Island Talks series, and for looking after the publicity and logistics.  Thank you to Matt Rainnie for taking the time to do an interview.  Pieter and I also thank all who attended the Author Talk and to those who supported our research by purchasing a book.

If you have a story to share, please let Pieter know. You can mail him at, comment on the blog, or send a tweet to @researchmemori1.  

…Want to follow our research?….

If you are reading this posting, but aren’t following the blog, you are welcome to do so.  See or email me at and ask for an invitation to the blog. 

Front cover OnTheWarMememorialTrailinEuropeDaria’s book ‘No Soldier Buried Overseas Should Ever Be Forgotten‘ is available in print and e-book formats.  For more information see

You are also invited to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: On The War Memorial Trail With Pieter Valkenburg:

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