Appeal For Relatives Of These WW1 Casualties!

August 18, 2019.  Over the past few years, Pieter has been diligently researching the 48 names on the Cenotaph outside the Borden-Carleton Legion here on Prince Edward Island.  Along the way he’s met many family members of these men, and we’ve visited a number of the graves.  However, in some cases, either no family members have come forward, or the family members themselves have no photos and little information.

In an attempt to achieve the goal of putting a face to each name on the Cenotaph, we’re asking for your help with these WW1 casualties for whom no photo has been found as yet.

Please see the attached PDF which provides information on the person’s name, service number, place of birth, unit served in at the time of death, and date of death.  (See Appeal For Relatives of Soldiers)  As well, the names are summarized below.

Can you help with photos????

Names still without faces from WWI

  • James CAIRNS, born in Kinkora
  • Leigh Hunt CAMERON, born in Albany
  • James Lymon CAMERON, born in Victoria
  • William Galen CAMPBELL, born in Wellington
  • Bazil CORMIER, born in Tignish
  • Joseph Arthur DESROCHES, born in Miscouche
  • James Graham FARROW, born in Argyle Shore
  • Charles LOWTHER, born in North Carleton
  • Arthur Clinton ROBINSON, born in Tryon
  • Harry ROBINSON, born in Augustine Cove

If you have information and photos to share on any of these names listed on the Cenotaph, please contact Pieter at or comment on the blog.

© Daria Valkenburg

3 thoughts on “Appeal For Relatives Of These WW1 Casualties!

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