The Search For A Photo Of Leigh Hunt Cameron Moves To YouTube

Pieter during Leigh Hunt Cameron video

Pieter during the filming of the YouTube video ‘Photo Search – WW1 Soldier Leigh Hunt Cameron’ (Photo credit: Daria Valkenburg)

March 24, 2021.  When Pieter began his research to find out about the men listed on the Cenotaph outside the Borden-Carleton Legion, his hope was to have a photo of each man, to go with the stories he was able to unfold.

He always thought that finding a photo of a soldier who died without ever leaving the Island wouldn’t be difficult to find.  However, this has not been the case for WW1 soldier Leigh Hunt CAMERON.  (See

Born in Albany, PEI on May 6, 1898 to Anna Jane Cameron, Leigh was raised by his grandparents, Alexander Walter Cameron and Phoebe Ann Murray.

In 1907, Anna Jane married Arthur Edwards from Ontario, and they moved to Carman, Manitoba. They had 3 daughters and 1 son.

Leigh enlisted on March 2, 1916 with the 105th Battalion, but shortly afterwards caught measles and developed pneumonia.  He died of these causes on May 5, 1916, and is buried in the cemetery of the Free Church of Scotland in Cape Traverse, PEI.  While visiting his grave, Pieter wished he knew what this young man looked like.

Pieters saying

After several years of an unsuccessful search for family or friends, he’s taken his appeal for a photo to YouTube, in the hope that a viewer might come forward:

Thank you to post-production editor Wendy Nattress, who made this YouTube video a reality. If you have photos or information to share about Leigh Hunt Cameron, please email Pieter at, comment on the blog, or send a tweet to @researchmemori1.

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